Sunday, March 21, 2010

Birthday wishes.

So I'm a horriable person. I forgot to call my mom today and it's her birthday. Well i did earlier but she wasn't home and i forgot to call her back to wish her a happy b-day. I also got great news from my brother, turns out I might not be going to go home after all. He rolled the only car that he and his wife own that is reliable enought to make the trip. He's alright but the trip is most likely off.

And speaking of Birthdays mine's in a month and everyone keeps asking me what i want for my b-day. Well i've finally decided what i want but it's nothing that bought duplicate or e-mail, i want a hug from my mom. I miss my mom so much and i want to see her so bad but it's not going to happen now..... I guess i'll settle for maxing out my Maurice's card two months in a row and junk food.

That's life i'll live.

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