Friday, March 5, 2010


Today is pay day which means a gazzilion an one people want money from me. The cable people, my landlords, my cell phone providors, the electric company, and of course the garbage people. Which means at the end of the day i'll have a grand total of nothing for myself. YEAH ME! Not. I hate being responsiable. And I wish I had saved my money when i didn't have any bill instead of spending it all. I'm horrable at saving money.

Any who on to more exciting things. *singing* '"Alice in Wonderland" is out today! Do da, do da, I'm going to see it tomorrow right after work.' ok that enough singing. I'm so excited about seeing this movie. AND for the first time since I moved here I'M NOT GOING TO THE MOVIE ALONE! sadly i'm not going with a guy but I'm not going alone! I'm happy! and I'm a loser but that's ok LOSER ROCK!

Any who Ttyl!

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